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The Shanghai international Bakery Exhibition 2020

May 07-09, 2020
Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center


The Shanghai international Bakery Exhibition 2020
May 07-09, 2020
Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center

Invited by:
China Bakery Food Association
China National Food Industry Association
China Beverage Industry Association
China Dairy Industry Association
International Ice Cream Association

上海高登商業展覽有限公司丨Organized by:Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

展會概括 丨Exhibition Review

        The Shanghai international Bakery Exhibition 2020 has attracted professional buyers from more than hundred countries and regions around the world coming to participate in the exhibition, which has accumulated over 20000 exhibitors. This exhibition, gathering the most authoritative industry associations and media nationwide with the combination of product display, purchasing and trade matching, has already become an annual event in bakery industry of China.
        As a significant purchasing event which cannot be missed in the field of bakery industry in China, CBE has been successfully held tens of editions in Shanghai with an exhibition area of more than 100,000 sq.m. It attracted thousands of outstanding bakery food suppliers from more than 40 countries all over the world to participate in the fair, and also attracted hundreds of thousands of professional buyers at home and abroad in the field of bakery food to visit and purchase.
        During the exhibition, there will be various forum activities, including “International Import & Export Bakery Food Policy and Laws and Regulations Summit”, “International Cross-border E-commerce Summit”, “Symposium on Labeling and Sanitary Standards for Import and Export Food”, “Characteristic Catering Development & Innovation Forum and Awards Banquet”, “Tasting Party of China Bakery Food” and “International Tourism Catering Service Buyers Meeting”, which will attract the attention from international organizations and colleagues within the industry. CBE has been marching to be the most influential exhibition event in bakery food industry in Asia region, which takes Shanghai as the window and is based on the strong support of the massive demands of Chinese market .The fair is expected to show a significant increase in terms of scale, level and numbers of professional buyers on the existing basis. This exhibition will be the rare opportunity for bakery enterprises from all over the world to communicate, trade negotiation, expand business and enhance brand. We believe that CBE CHINA 2020 will bring more gains and joys for exhibitors at home and abroad.
        CBE, targeting in hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, cafes, recreation clubs, shops and other commercial spaces, will create a professional exhibition in speciality for bakery food one-stop supplying and resolutions and will provide one-stop purchasing platform for exhibitors by inviting nearly 10,000 buyers.

展會優勢 丨Exhibition Strengths
Supported and joined by over 100 domestic and foreign media, which has ensured wide publicity and wide coverage;
Supported by many industry associations and co-organized by industry leaders;
Taking full advantage of accumulated 500,000 pieces of professional visitor database and organizing specialists at home and abroad to visit the exhibition.

參展范圍丨Major Exhibits
·Food, pastry(moon cake), bread, cake, biscuit, catering raw materials, ornament and food Original Equipment Manufacturer;
·Special oils, cream, special flour, pre-blent bread flour, frozen dough, starch, potato products;
·Fillings, fruit materials, nuts, preserved fruits, fruit cans and other pastry(moon cake)ingredients;
·Bakery equipment and appliance, manual bakery equipment and appliance, baking products and finished products;
·Pan for frying filling of foods, jacketed pan; (fillings) automatic measurement packaging machine;
·Biscuit production equipment, raw materials and packaging
·Moon cake packaging, fillings, mould and production equipment;
·Cabinet, store and refrigerated cabinets, store ornament;
·Flour improver, bread improver, cake improver, modifier for convenient noodles, preservative, yeast, spices, flavors, colors, sweeteners and other relevant food additives.
·Food (moon cake, biscuits, cold food, pasta, chocolate, etc.) packaging machinery
·Production equipment, raw materials and products for Pastry, kitchen, western restaurant and cafes;
·Dried meat floss, chocolate products, sugars, candles, simulated food model and other cake decorating materials;
·Coffee, coffee products, coffee machine, coffee processing equipment;
·Baking techniques, books & periodicals, baking training institutions and other relevant food equipment, appliance, tools, metal detecting equipment, etc.

同期舉辦丨Concurrent Activities
China International Import and Export Food & Beverage Exhibition 2020
China’s Dealers and Retailers Marketing Summit——The summit provides an excellent platform for Chinese retail experts and exhibitors to have the opportunity to communicate with each other face to face. These experts who speak to exhibitors on the spot are China’s retail giants: Carrefour, Metro, CPLotus, Tesco, Wal-Mart, RT-Mart, Alldays, Lianhua Supermarket and Jialide Supermarket. Exhibitors have attended nearly 200 online reservation meetings.

參展費用丨Participation Fees
A:內資企業:標準展位16800.00/展期(RMB)3m×3m B:外資企業:標準展位4800.00/展期(USD)3m×3m
A:內資企業:1500(RMB)/平方米 B:外資企業:480(USD)/平方米
★International Standard Booths:
For overseas enterprises: USD 4800.00/Expo; 3m×3m
Each standard booth consists of 3-sided white wallboards, Chinese& English fascia board, 1 consultation desk, 2 folding chairs, fully-floored carpet, booth lighting system, 1 power socket 220V/5A, and a waste basket
★Indoor Raw Space:
For overseas enterprises: USD 480.00/Sq.m.
Note: The raw space (minimum 36 sq.m.) only supplies a show space excluding stand frames, show equipment, carpet and power supply, etc.

觀眾類別 丨Target Audience
•Competitive dealers, agents, distributors, retailers, franchisees and special supplying centers with network distribution terminals;
•Large supermarket, chain stores and counters, community chains and convenience stores;
•Hotels, western restaurants, clubs, resorts, Group-Purchase centers of top 500 enterprises and other Group-Purchase companies;
•Foreign purchasers in China, import & export trading companies, over 130 commercial departments of foreign embassies, senior management of enterprises, etc.
•Specially invited buyers’ BizMatching: According to your target users, the organizer will specially invite your potential buyers to communicate with you face to face. The activity of specially invited buyers’ BizMatching is strongly welcomed by the industry. Many specially invited buyers have reached the purchasing agreement on the spot, which has improved the efficiency and also saved time and travel cost.

參展程序 丨Participation Procedure
1.Exhibitors should fill out the Exhibition Application Form as required and fax to the Exhibition Organizer.
2.Exhibitors should pay 50% of the booth rent as a deposit (RMB) by T/T or pay full payment in lump sum to implement the booth position. The balance of the booth rent should be settled no later than Apr 1, 2020.
3.After confirming the booth, the organizer will send the Exhibitors Manual to exhibitors with detailed information on exhibition introduction, exhibits transportation, booth design and construction, accommodation arrangement and items renting. Exhibitors must fill out related forms in manual as required, and return them to the organizer before the deadline.
4.The booth allocation is based on the principle of “paying reservation deposit first, and then confirming the booth”.

如欲訂“CBE CHINA 2020”展位和了解更多信息,請通過以下聯絡方式。
To reserve the booth of “CBE CHINA 2020” or learn more information, please contact:
地址/Add: 中國(上海)浦東新區龍陽路2345號
Add: No.building 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, P.R.China
聯系人/TO:  蔣中原15618977632
傳真/Fax: (86-21)603667718
郵箱/E-mail: 1766414942@qq.com